Friday, June 27, 2014

A Hand that is hard to get

   Farming Bobby Bones is not that hard, on the other hand drops are really rare. But that is the the thing with unique drops, no matter how rare they are it is awesome and rewarding feeling when you get them. I originally started farming Bobby Bones for Quackosaurus pet and the pet was the last thing I got. Even if Bobby Bones' Hand has really low drop rate, I got it on my first run. When I finished with this skeleton, I kinda wanted to continue, I wanted to farm for other unique items. But more on that in next post. For now I want to share my experience and thoughts of this particular farming season. Also I will be posting short info about the drops for the ones I think it is worth mentioning.

Bobby Bones loot drop table

Drop Type Stats Picture
Bobby Bones' Blade
Bonus From: Strength
Base Weapon Power: 48
Gives: Repel Boarders +1
Bobby Bones' Hand
Bonus From: Strength
Base Weapon Power: 48
Gives: Repel Boarders +1

   It took me approximately nine hours to get all of the above mentioned drops. Not in a row, maybe more like about three days of non constant playing. But for that time I found a way for a single run to be painlessly fast. And this is my strategy (I owe everything to Mark & Recall new feature):

  1. Leave a Mark next to the Perdition's Tempest
  2. Go in and board the Grim Reaver
  3. Chose your companions (this is how my setup looked like)

    * Lemba Moonskull -
    He is really useful because of the Big Guns. I can hit wherever on map I want.
    * Goronado - With Vicious Charge he is really useful on any farming spot.
    * Nausica - Same as Gronado's Vicious Charge, Nausica's Centaur's Charge lets you move twice longer on the battle board.

  4. Aim with everything at Bobby Bones (since the battle objective is to defeat only him)

    * Note that there are bosses restrictions with max dealt damage in Pirate101. But three hits from max leveled pirate and his crew should be enough for this particular boss.

  5. Collect the loot and click on Recall.
   From this point on you just keep repeating this procedure and if you are lucky enough you can get all his drops in no time.

   This is it from me for now. If you want you can always keep track of my progress and my current farming spots with hashtag #FarmingWithDuncan on twitter. You are more than welcome to join.