Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Secret of Moo Manchu

   Hello my friends and welcome to another farming session with Duncan! Today I would like to fill you in a secret I recently discovered. Did you know that there is a way to farm Moo Manchu within a single battle? You didn't? Then this a good reading for you, cause I am going to explain you how is that possible. Just to clarify, we are not talking about Imperial Moo Manchu from Tower of Moo Manchu who is located in Paths of Penance, but about older version of Moo Manchu that you get to fight in Tomb of Kow Cheng.

   Before the last years Advanced Pets and Companion updates this dungeon was doable in only two rounds, now is far more time consuming and harder. If I knew about this secret that I am about share I would farm him this way.

  While questing I found out that Moo Manchu takes residence in one more place in Mooshu, before we get to go in Tomb of Kow Cheng. During a quest that precedes "Emperor Moo" quest, "The Enemy Unmasked", you have goal to eventually go to Sanctum of Moo Manchu and fight bunch of Pig Guardians. When you get in Moo Manchu talks to you, you fight the pigs, you defeat the pigs, he talks some more and you are out. Done. Now, if you get back inside, Moo Manchu will appear, and if you go straight to him you will pull him in battle. Once you do that Pig Guardians will disappear and Helephant Destroyer's will show instead.

   Along with that information I decided to do some testing. Here is the list of things you can and can't do in this fight:

- You can get his drops, the same ones that he is dropping in Tomb of Kow Cheng
- You can't port in friend who already finished "The Enemy Unmasked" quest. If you do port your friend in, Moo will disappear and fight will become buggy and unfinishable.
- You can port in a friend that hasn't finished "The Enemy Unmasked" quest, you can even port ones that haven't even start this quest.
- You can fight Moo Manchu over and over again even if you didn't get out of the cave. I would suggest otherwise, you will need to heal.
- Once you hand over this quest to Quan-Shi you can't face Moo Manchu in Sanctum again. You better get everything you need from him before doing that. 


   The fight is not that easy as it seams, my advice is that you leave this quest unfinished, progress a little till you level up and come back here to farm Moo Manchu.

   Now, what makes Moo Manchu so special? His drops of course! Not only that he drops unique items and pets, but his wand is considered as most desirable wand in game for Witchdoctors and Privateers. You already finished this quest with one of those two classes? No problem! Since recently, from most items in the game, the "No Trade" flag has been revoked and that includes Moo Manchu's Wand too. So you can easily farm with with any class and just shift it over to another character through Shared Bank.

   I tried it and look what I got! This very same item, that took me two weeks to get before, took me a day or so to get it now.

   Now lets talk about the loot!

Moo Manchu loot drop table

Drop Description Picture
Moo Manchu's Hat
Gives: +6 Base Magic Resist
Gives: +4 Strength
Gives: Jobu's Embrace

Moo Manchu's Robes
Gives: +35 Base Magic Resist
Gives: +11 Will
Gives: Rally the Clay (Summons Terracotta Warrior to an open square)

Moo Manchu's Boots
Gives: +9 Dodge
Gives: +9 Will
Gives: Wyvern's Call
Moo Manchu's Wand
Bonus From: Will
Base Weapon Power: 135
Weapon Range: 4
Gives: Coward's Bane



   I really hope that you find this information useful. Good luck with farming!

   You can also, always, keep track of my current farming seasons and progress with hashtag #FarmingWithDuncan or by visiting THIS link.

   "If you want to farm, farm with Duncan style" - Duncan StormThief

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  1. Excellent guide and advice. Your tips are spot on and great job on the experimentation. This will be one to bookmark for future pirates going through. Thank you for all this hard work.