Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Castle Avalon


   One word for this map - unpredictable. I used Mega Life pet. With this setup I even managed to get gold medal. I got lots of wyvern and dragon hoard packs. Raven packs occasionally. Interesting part is that I got more packs when I was left with 1 or 3 snack than when I won the gold medal. Even when I lost all of them in 4th, 3rd, wave before finish I got one of those two packs. I prepared a video guide for you guys. Also below is the table with short description of drops that found useful.

Video Guide

Castle Avalon loot drop table

Drop Type Picture
Wyvern's Hoard Pack
Dragon's Hoard Pack
Raven's Hoard Pack
Shadow Weaver Statue
Balck Rock Talon
Graveyard Tree

Extra Info
   The real trick here is that in every wave comes a mob that is vulnerable to only one type of guardian. Here is list of each wave, and to what guardian are they vulnerable to.
  1. Balance - 24 wave
  2. Death - 23 wave
  3. Fire - 22 wave
  4. Myth - 21 wave
  5. Storm - 20 wave
  6. Ice - 19 wave
  7. Myth - 18 wave
  8. Fire - 17wave
  9. Ice - 16 wave
  10. Balance - 15 wave
  11. Storm - 14 wave
  12. Death - 13 wave
  13. Death - 12 wave
  14. Ice - 11 wave
  15. Storm - 10 wave
  16. Fire - 9 wave
  17. Balance - 8 wave
  18. Myth - 7 wave
  19. Fire - 6 wave
  20. Balance - 5 wave
  21. Death - 4 wave
  22. Storm - 3 wave
  23. Ice - 2 wave
  24. Myth - 1 wave
   More Grub Guardian guides on my YouTube Channel. You can also, always, keep track of my current farming seasons and progress with hashtag #FarmingWithDuncan or by visiting THIS link.


  1. These are great and a really unique idea. Great way to meet a need in the community. Now instead of just bookmarking a guide I happen to find, I can just come here first. :D
    Chrissy The Blesser

  2. That is the general idea. I have already posted few videos of GG on youtube since January 2013, but that was only casual. Now I will try to experiment with different pets and lvls and try to optimize strategy for each school.