Monday, July 21, 2014

Pegasus Place - All Schools

   Now that fishing has come with wizard101's newest update, energy is what every wizard needs. Till now we used our energy to train pets and do gardening, but now fishing also costs energy. That being said, we can't really enjoy all three aspects of the game without spending crowns now and then to refill our energy globe. Wrong. Yes we can. With my help, you will be able to earn 4-5 (if you re lucky enough, maybe even more) energy elixirs every 24 hours. All you need to do is to log in to Grub Guardian, buy Wysteria Map pack (649 crown, or 7 days of KIFreeGames Trivia) and follow my guides. Note that Energy Elixir drop is not guarantied. 

   Everyone has been asking me to make a guide for Pegasus Place map on Grub Guardian and so I have decided to respond to your requests. Not only that, but I managed to make a guide for each school and as an addition I even managed to make a strategy for one setup without using a single Avalon Guardian.

   Pets I used for my guides are: Mega Life Minotaur (Life), Mega Myth Imp (Myth), Mega Pegasus Pony (Balance), Mega Polar Cat (Ice), Epic Arcane Helpers (Storm), Ancient Vampire (Death) and Ancient Tiki Kahuna (Fire). I hope that you will find the helpful. 

Video Guides

Pegasus Place loot drop table

Drop Description Picture
Energy Elixir
Moolinda's Green Thumb Pack
Hand of Doom Pack

   Don't forget that you can always keep track of my current farming spots and progress at #FarmingWithDuncan hashtag or on THIS link. Also there is a new catchphrase I wanted to try out, "If you want to farm, farm with Duncan style"

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